Politica de Confidentialitate

As part of our privacy policy, customer mail or email information will not be shared with any third parties except in the case of contracted partnerships for the purposes of providing added benefits to our customers.

Collection of personal data is necessary to rent a car services.

Please be aware of our privacy policy regarding the collection, handling and distribution of your personal data:

  • Permission – By accessing this website or by entering into a rental agreement with us, or with our affiliates, you are giving us or our affiliates permission to use, transmit and store your personal information.
  • Collection of Information – We collect customer data for the following purposes:


1) When making reservations at Martin Travel. The information so collected (by online forms or otherwise) is kept for our records and is not shared with any third party unless a contracted partnership as in the case of credit card companies.

2) When signing up for a Martin Travel promotion or program. This information is used for Martin Travel promotions, contests, newsletters and upcoming events/offers.

If you want to limit the use of your personal information, please send us a notification letter giving details of what you want removed or kept absolutely confidential at: office@martintravel.ro